Mount Kenya

Climbing Mt Kenya

Mount Kenya Climbing

Mount Kenya
is located on the equator. Magnificent cliffs and glaciers protect the highest peaks of Nelion (5188m) and Batian (5199m). The third highest summit - Point Lenana, (4985m) - is also glaciated but accessible to walkers. Tarns and alpine meadows; exotic, equatorial, high-altitude vegetation; sunbirds, hyrax and soaring eagles make the walk around the peaks one of the most beautiful expeditions in the East African mountains Mt Kenya routes are Sirimon route,Naromoru route and chogoria routes.

Mount Kenya is the country's highest mountain. Straddling the equator, it's icy summit reaches to 5,199 m. The National Park consists of all areas above 3,200 m. The mountain actually consists of three distinct zones: the volcanic peak zone, with its endless glaciers and snowfields; the alpine zone, with its distinctive giant vegetation such as groundsels; and the lower slopes, with their thick forest and bamboo vegetation.

Mount Kenya has always attracted curious hikers and adventurers, including the turn of the century British geographer/explorer Halford Mackinder. To most modern day adventurers, climbing to the peak of Mount Kenya is still a challenge requiring extensive mountain climbing skills. Nevertheless, most visitors are able to reach the more accessible Point Lenana at 4,985 m and many visitors enjoy simple high altitude walks.

Wildlife below the Park boundary include elephant, buffalo, antelope, and the rare bongo, also found in the nearby Aberdares. Most wildlife can be viewed from Mountain Lodge on the south side of the mountain. Mount Kenya can be climbed anytime of the year. However, the best times for visiting Mount Kenya and the National Park are December to February and July, August through to early October, when there are no rains.

4 Days Sirimon Down Sirimon

Day 1: Old Moses Camp
Depart Nairobi early morning and drive through Kikuyu countryside to the slopes of Mt. Kenya arriving Nanyuki Town in time for lunch. After lunch proceed to Sirimon Park Gate (1 hr). Start hiking from this point to Old Moses Camp - 9 km (3300m) for dinner and overnight

Day 2: Shipton Camp
Depart in the morning for Shipton Camp along Mackinders Valley with picnic lunch en route. Dinner and overnight at Shipton Camp - 4200m

Day 3: Point Lenana/Old Moses
Summit day! Depart camp at 3.00am and start ascending towards Point Lenana (4985m) to arrive approx. 6.30am

For the sunrise. When the weather is clear, Mt. Kilimanjaro Kibo and Mawenzi peaks are visible. Descend to Shipton Camp for breakfast, and then proceed further down to Old Moses Camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Nairobi
After breakfast, descend through the rain forest to Sirimon Park Gate for our transport back to Nanyuki and onwards to Nairobi. Book this Safari

5 Days Naromoru down Sirimon

Day 1: Nairobi/Naromoru
Depart Nairobi in the morning for Naromoru Town arriving for lunch. Proceed to Naromoru Youth Hostels for acclimatization for the rest of the day. Dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Met Station
Depart after breakfast and drive to Naromoru Park Gate. After registration start your hike through the rain forest for about 9 km with picnic lunch en route to Met Station (3050m) for dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Mckinders Camp
After breakfast proceed with your ascend covering over 14km (5-6 hrs) to Mackinders Camp (4300m) with picnic lunch en-route. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Old Moses
Depart early morning at 3.00am to attempt point Lenana(4985m) - 3½ hrs arriving at 6.30am for sunrise. After sunrise descend to Shipton Camp for breakfast, then further down to Old Moses camp (3300m) for dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Back to Nairobi
After breakfast descend 9 km to the Sirimon Gate for transport to Nanyuki and back to Nairobi. Book this Safari

5 Days Sirimon down Chogoria

Day 1: Nanyuki
Depart Nairobi in the morning for Nanyuki arriving in time for lunch. The afternoon is spent in this area for acclimatization. Dinner and overnight in a budget hotel.

Day 2: Old Moses Camp
After breakfast, drive to Sirimon Park Gate. After check-in start hiking through the Rain Forest for 9 km to Old Moses camp (3300m). Dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Shipton Camp
Depart Old Moses Camp at 7:30 am via Mackinders Valley to Shipton Camp (4200m). The distance takes 6 to 7 hrs. Dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Point Lenana - Chogoria
Early morning departure (3:00 am) to the summit, a walk that takes 3 hrs to point Lenana (4985m) arriving at 6:30 in the morning. After sunrise, descend to Mintos Hut for full breakfast and later proceed down through the Gorges valley to Chogoria Bandas and campsite. Dinner and overnight.

Day 5: Chogoria/Nairobi
After breakfast, set on morning journey to Chogoria (32km). Walk for 15 km to be met by a 4WD vehicle for the rest of the journey to Chogoria from where transport is provided back to Nairobi, arriving late afternoon.
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Technical Climbing Information - 8 days- Sirimon- Naro moru
Technical climbing is meant for those with vast experience in climbing and not just normal hikes. It is so adventurous and yet very intricate.

Day 1:
After breakfast depart from Nairobi and have an overnight stay in Nanyuki town. You have time to acclimatize. Dinner and overnight provided in a budget hotel.

Day 2:
After breakfast leave Nanyuki for the park gate to start climbing to the first hut, Old Moses 3,300mts.

Day 3:
Have a long walk (5-7 hrs) to the second hut Shiptons (4,200mts) for acclimatization purposes.

Day 4:
Hike through Simba Col via the tooth to overnight at Austrian hut (4,700mts). Please note this base camp is only used when climbing through the normal route.

Day 5:
A free acclimatization day at Austrian hut. You can attempt point Lenana. (4,985mts)

Day 6 & 7:
Attempt point Nelion and Batian. (5,195mts) early rise and start are recommended. Descend to meteorological station for overnight on the 7th night.

Day 8:
Descend further to the gates for your transfer to Nairobi.Book this Safari


Africa Climbing; climb Mt. Kenya the Africa's second Highest peak. It is one of the East Africa Mountains that passes along the equator. Naro Moru route

Naro Moru route
is the quickest way to the base of the mountain and Pt. Lenana. It is also one of the steepest routes and extra care should be taken here to avoid problems with AMS. Walking up towards Mackinders Camp through the Teleki Valley offers superb views of the peaks of Batian and Nelion. A steep section known as the "vertical bog" is crossed around midwau to Mackinders Hut and a stopover here is almost compulsory. The accommodations are good with bunkhouses at Met Station and Mackinder's Camp.

Mt Kenya Climbing NARO MORU ROUTE 5 days

Depart from Nairobi at 09:00hrs and proceed South towards the cool slopes of Mt. Kenya. Cross the Equator and arrive at Nanyuki Simbas / Lodge in time for Lunch. Relax and Enjoy magnificent scenery of Mt Kenya region.A complimentary walking tour to the EQUATOR. Overnight at Simbas Lodge or similar.

Early morning photo taking Mt kenya when its clear then after breakfast, Drive to the gate then walk to the Meteorological Station. This is a very good day for acclimatization, for we will be sleeping at an altitude of 10,000 ft 9 kms 3-4 hours walk

Hike up through the Teleki valley to Mackinders Camp where there is a spectacular view of the main peaks. Walking time approximately 4-6 hours. Overnight Mackinders Camp. (14,000 ft.) 9kms 4-5 hours walk

A pre- dawn attempt of point Lenana is made to ensure a successful summit bid and to try to reach the summit in time for a clear view of the majestic scenery. After climbing Pt. Lenana we return back to Mackinders camp for breakfast and then proceed down to Met Station Lodge for overnight. 9 kms 3 to 4 hours walk.
After breakfast at Met station walk down to Park Gate to catch your transport back to Nairobi, arriving in the afternoon..Book this Safari

Chogoria Route

This route Chogoria' has long been considered the most picturesque, dramatic, and varying route,its the most beautiful of the access routes to Point Lenana and the best for acclimatization as the gradient is the easiest. You are more likely to be the only climbers on this side of the mountain ensuring a unique wilderness experience. Our guides are specialists on Mount Kenya, thoroughly knowledgeable in the flora,fauna and a foreign language.

Climbing Mount Kenya Chogoria out Chogoria
This itinerary is for the ascent of Pt Lenana, the third peak of Mt Kenya, at an altitude of 4985 metres. This is not a technical climb, but a hike. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should be more than capable of completing the trek provided they approach it in a sensible manner. The ascent is via the Chogoria Route, on the little used east side of the mountain.

Day 1
Pick up from hotel at about 0800. It's then about 3 1/2 hours from Nairobi to where we collect the porters and guides (as required). Into the Mt. Kenya forest for the 22 km drive to the Park Gate at 2,850m. Dependent on road conditions, these 22 km have been known to take all afternoon to do and in really wet conditions it is possible that the top four or five km may be impassable. Night, dependent on clients wishes, at the Meru Mt. Kenya Banda's or at roadhead a further 7 km from the Park Gate.

Day 2
After breakfast and sorting of porter loads we set off up the mountain at a nice and easy pace . A slightly longer walk via Lake Ellis gives scenic views of Mugi, Ithunguni and the Giants BilliardsTable, whilst if we follow the river near roadhead, upstream for about 3 km, the foreground scenery and flora is particularly beautiful. Lunch by the stream banks then it's time to cut up the left hand hillside to our camp at about 3,600m, well away from any of the more "touristy" areas.

Day 3

From our campsite, we continue to move up through the moorland zone. As this area of the mountain is still off the beaten track, there are no paths to follow, and on each trip we vary the area we walk across. After about an hour, traverse left and join a ridge (slight path to follow) and join the normal Chogoria route to Minto's Hut after about 4 hour walking. Lunch at a small stream crossing then 45 min on to a camp near Minto's Hut and next to one of the tarns. Very short afternoon walk over to superb views across to "The Temple" and down to Lake Michaelson.

Day 4:

After pre dawn breakfast leave Mintos Hut for the summit passing near the Simba Tarn and Harris Tan to Point Lenana which is appproximately 4 - 5 hours. After the sunrise at 6.30 and nice views of Kilimanjaro and the Coast line descend back to Mintos for full breakfast and thereafter descend to Meru Mount Kenya Lodge(Bandas) having our lunch at the Roadhead. Dinner and overnight at the Bandas.

Day 5: After breakfast walk for 15km downhill through the denses rain and bamboo forests to connect the 4WD jeep to Chogoria Town. Then after lunch at chogoria drive back to Nairobi for your next destination..Book this Safari