Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro


This route is not used often because it is hard terrain to handle and requires those that are out for real hard challenge. However,  its actually the shortest route to get to Uhuru peak. Umbwe route is the hardest but most magnificent and shortest way to reach  Uhuru Peak.The gradient is steep and demanding in terms of stamina. Welcome for the challenge and you will be certified according to the height you scale officially.

DAY 01: Nairobi - Moshi
Take public means (shuttle bus) from Nairobi city centre at 08.00 hrs and head to Arusha arriving at 13.00hrs. Depart for Moshi at 14.00hrs arriving at 15.30hrs. Dinner and overnight at a hotel in Moshi or similar.

Day 02: Moshi - Forest Caves
After breakfast drive to Kilimanjaro National Park gate at Umbwe for starting the climb. Start hiking within the forest through a narrow ridge between Umbwe and Lonzo rivers reaching Bivouac No. 1 as known as Forest Caves at 2850m - Camp and overnight.

Day 3 : Forest Caves - Barranco Hut

The winding Path will pick its way through the ridge, leaving the forest through open moorlands to get to Barranco Hut at 395m. Camp and stay overnight at this camp.

Day 4 : Barranco Hut - Barafu Hut

To start the day, you will tackle a daringly steep climb to Barranco valley crossing Karanga Valley and eventually reach Barafu Hut at 4600m. Camp overnight at this camp.

Day 5: Barafu Hut - Mweka Camp
Start hiking early in the morning heading for crater rim at Stella point, pressing further to Uhuru Peak at 589m. Descend to Mweka Camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Mweka Camp – Moshi
Descend to the Park Gates . Overnight at hotel in Moshi town or similar.

Day 7: Moshi - Nairobi
Take a shuttle to Nairobi or decide to commence a Tanzania safari.You will love the ride..Book this Safari

Marangu Route

Day 01: Nairobi - Arusha:
Today on arrival at Nairobi (early morning flight) or from your Nairobi hotel you will board the early morning shuttle bus to Arusha and be driven southwards to Namanga border of Kenya and Tanzania for immigration formalities and later proceed to Arusha where we will have our Lunch break before rejoining the bus to proceeding Moshi for our full briefing and kit inspection before spending our night at Hotel in Moshi or similar.

Day 02: Marangu - Mandara Hut
After our morning breakfast we meet our guide and porters and from there we proceed to Marangu gate (1980m) the track passes through the forest which gives people an opportunity to observe the wildlife and enjoy the forest. Mandara Hut (2700m/9000ft) has a group of bunks, in goods condition, with bed capacity of 80 people, toilets and a clean water supply. From here we can visit the nearby Maundi Crater 2hrs walk and a small mound rising out of the trees to the north. Views from the top, over the forest up to the main peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi, provide plenty of inspiration for the trek to come. Meals and Overnight will
be served at Mandara Hut.

Day 03: Mandara Hut - Horombo Hut
From Mandara Hut there are two paths running roughly parallel through the forest and then a narrow band of heather before meeting near the start of the moorland and to the right are the jagged peaks of Mawenzi, looking higher than Kibo from this angle, although undulating and steep in places, is easy to follow all the way up to Horombo Hut (3700m/12000ft). Meals and Overnight will be served at Horombo Hut.

Day 04: Horombo Hut - Kibo Hut

From here we continue gradually gaining height, past the Last Water point which is the highest running water on this route and cross the flat plain between Kibo and Mawenzi until we meet Jiwe La Ukoyo (meaning "pointed Rocks") at 4394m. From here Kibo Hut will take us another one and half hour which is at 4700m. Meals and Overnight will be served at Kibo Hut.

Day 05: Kibo Hut - Uhuru Peak - Horombo Hut
After our third night at Kibo hut we usually start walking very early in the morning in order for us to see the sunrise from the crater rim, and give us a chance of avoiding the mist. Also, the scree slope up to Gillman's Point, and the snow on the path to Uhuru Peak, will still be frozen, which will make the walking safer and less strenuous. Sunrises at a round 6am and we should allow ourselves 5 to 6 hrs from Kibo Hut to Gillman's Point (5680m), plus another 2hrs to reach Uhuru peak (5896m). From Uhuru or Gillman's Point we descend on the same route and it will take us one to 2hrs-3hrs to Horombo Hut. Meals and Overnight will be served at Horombo Hut.

Day 06: Horombo Hut - Marangu Gate
On this last day we retrace our step and down on the path to park gate. Meals and Overnight will be served at your Moshi Hotel for celebrations.

Day 07: Arusha - Nairobi.
After our morning leisurely breakfast we board a shuttle bus and head back to Nairobi arriving at late afternoon. (Optional after this climbing is Kenya Safari or Airport transfer)

Personal Items what to carry:
US $ Travellers cheques, toothpaste & tooth brush, body lotion, toilet paper and other personal hygiene items. (Ladies, please carry some sanitary toiletries as being at high altitude may alter your cycle).
Photographic (optional):

  • 1 camera (plus spare batteries),film & tripod stand,different lenses,
  • 1 pair of binoculars,video camera,video tapes, battery packs.

Miscellaneous (Optional):
notebook, pencil, sketchbook, masking tape, zip loc plastic bags, ear plugs, address list for post cards, map of Kilimanjaro (the trip leader will have one).

  • Yellow Fever: This is compulsory and a certificate might be requested on arrival at the airport. Please make sure that you have the shot in time.
  • Malaria: There are various types of medicine on the market today used for prevention and treatment of malaria. We recommend that you consult your doctor on which prophylactics to take.
  • Water purification tablets: On the mountain, we use water from the streams. Although drinking water will be boiled first, it is advisable to add a tablet or two - to be on the safe side.
  • Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS): This is a condition commonly experienced at high altitude. In most cases, this can be avoided by following guidelines on hiking pace, eating, resting and fluid intake. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the various affects that altitude can cause.
  • (Please consult your doctor on use of Diamox - tablets used by some mountaineers to help them cope with the effects of altitude).
  • Personal medical supplies (optional): As your tour leaders, we will carry a group medical kit.
    Some items that you might want to carry would include; aspirin, imodium, laxatives, antibiotics, bandages, malaria tablets, gauze, adhesives, betadine, throat lozenges, eye drops, sun block, lip balm, moleskin antihistamine tablets and cream.

    We have qualified porters who have wealth of experience with Mt Kilimanjaro Trek for more than five years each. They have good communication skills and first aide handling. Friendly and dedicated team .

Our guides are qualified with long experience in treks and climbs graduating from outdoor leadership school and Kenya wildlife Service and have participated in Mountain rescue operations..Book this Safari

Machame Route

Day 01.
Board a shuttle bus from Nairobi at 0800 hrs and proceed to Arusha arriving at 1300hrs. Depart for Moshi at 1400 hrs arriving at 1530 hrs. Dinner & overnight at your hotel in Moshi or similar.

Day 02.
Transfer from your hotel to Kilimanjaro National Park gate at Machame.
From here, trek through the lush forest to Machame hut (10,000ft), dinner & overnight at the hut or similar.

Day 03.
Leave the forest. The path follows a steep ridge passing through open moorland crossing a large gorge to Shira hut (12,000ft), dinner & overnight at the hut.

Turn eastwards and continue ascending through the dry landscape to Barranco hut (13,000ft), dinner & overnight at the hut.

The steep path climbs out of the Barranco valley and crosses the Karanga valley, then turns North to Barafu hut (15,000ft), dinner & overnight at the hut.

Day 06.
An early start to reach Stella point in time before sunrise, then to Uhuru peak (19,340ft), the highest point in Africa. After lunch, descend to Gilmans point and down to Horombo hut for dinner  and overnight at the hut.

Day 07.
Descend passing Mandara hut down to the park gate where you will be transferred back to your hotel in Moshi.
All meals & overnight at the hotel.

Day 08.
After breakfast, depart to your next destination..Book this Safari